Victorious SEO is a leading SEO agency specializing in data-driven optimization for their clients to increase traffic and revenue from web and inbound sources. Victorious’ focus on data creates a transparent working relationship with customers seeing 343% annual growth in organic traffic.

The Challenge

Victorious’ sales process lived within a series of Google Sheets, Zapier, and HubSpot. They had an outsourced team of manual assistants to help find and sequence prospects. Managing contractors proved to be complex, inefficient, and error-ridden. Hubspot’s sending caps limited their daily emails to 150 and Victorious struggled with send failures and bounces, which stalled their ability to grow.


Victorious knew they needed to involve a deep and accurate contact database, an email provider capable of larger sends, and a streamlined process. This new process would also have to combine lead generation, outreach, and analytics, without further damaging their deliverability and help them send dramatically more emails per day.


The seamless workflow of contact lookup into custom snippet-enhanced email sequences created cleaner messaging. A new suite of reporting helped optimize their work while additional account data helped them close. On day one Victorious was sending multi-step email cadences which were customized to each prospect in the thousands, as opposed to weeks of research work to send one-off generic emails to hundreds. In their first month, Victorious set 124 meetings, up from 43. To keep up with the influx of leads, they had to double the size of their sales team - a good problem to have.

Industry SEO Agency
Founded 2012
Company Size 14 employees

“We are incredibly thankful for Apollo. We’ve solved the biggest problem for every business, the lead problem. We are now constrained by sales time and don’t lack interested prospects.”

Michael Transon

CEO, Victorious

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