• 200% conversion rate
  • 125% more opps created per month

Why Apollo?

Before Apollo, RolePoint struggled with high bounce rates and tedious, manual workflows between automation tools. A disjointed stack full of unintegrated tools and outsourced lists forced their growing sales team to work overtime. RolePoint’s reps spent their days painstakingly uploading lists with outdated data and recycling un-trackable email templates.
Not only were reps left unengaged and over-extended, their CRM full of old data and un-trackable email templates created high bounce rates. Cycling between several different sales tools created no actionable insights, RolePoint reps couldn’t get a full picture of who owned what opportunities, who their target contacts and accounts were, and what an average lead lifecycle looked like. With little reward for so much manual work, RolePoint needed help automating their process and re-engaging their reps.


Having a lean sales team doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice efficiency and rep engagement, so RolePoint discovered with Apollo.
Apollo helped RolePoint automate and simplify all their processes, allowing reps to focus their time and energy on crafting engaging, positive relationships with their ideal customers instead of managing lead lists and manually updating stale data. Reps were able to prospect for their ideal contacts and accounts within Apollo, eliminating the need for outsourced, manual uploaded lists. Empowered with better quality contact data, bounce rates drastically shrunk. Custom, personalized snippets in automated email sequences increased open and reply rates with no added effort on the part of reps.
With Apollo’s automation, RolePoint was able to double the output of their sales team. In fact, productivity increased so much so that they had no need for any new sales hires. After adopting Apollo, RolePoint closed the most annual revenue in the company’s history, increased their conversion rates by 200%, and consistently grew sales opportunities for each rep month over month. Not to mention, they tackled their bounce rate problem. RolePoint proves that sales teams can achieve huge wins when fully empowered by a unified, automated sales platform.

Industry Recruiting, Software
Founded 2011
Company Size 11-50 employees

“Apollo allowed us to optimize processes we never had the bandwidth to implement before. We are now able to fully leverage our data to confidently automate intelligent sequences”

JP Bertram

Head of Marketing, Rolepoint

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