Planted connects companies with qualified candidates for non-technical positions like customer support, operations, and sales. Before Apollo, Planted relied on referrals and had no real outbound process. Planted began scraping prospects’ emails manually, but what they needed was a more specialized, targeted approach. They were looking for a solution with trigger-based targeting to streamline their workflow and scale growth.

The Challenge

Manually scraping and emailing 100 contacts a week, Planted had a slow and frustrating process and high bounce rates. Planted’s manual lead generation and followup process was weighing efficiency down, and tracking leads and responses was a headache.


Planted turned to Apollo as a tool that accurately generates quality leads according to specialized triggers and automates follow-ups, so not a single opportunity can be dropped. Planted dramatically increased lead volume and got the repeatable process and scale needed to succeed.


Planted used Apollo to save time on finding and converting better prospects. Outbound emails increased from 100 to over 400 per week with Apollo’s prospecting filters “fundraising”. Planted was then able to easily track the increasing replies and improved messaging with advanced reporting.

Industry Staffing & Recruiting
Founded 2013
Company Size 11-50 employees

“Finding you guys as an option has really helped propel our sales process and focus on our sales strategy.”

Rae Draizen

Head of Partnerships, Planted

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