• 30+ hours a month per employee saved on prospecting time
  • 83% increase in open rates
  • 77% increase in demos set


Photofy is a photo enhancement and overlay app for iOS and Android that facilitates photo-sharing and photo driven brand-engagement campaigns. Their mission is to spark the next generation of photo sharing by empowering our users to personalize their img through simple application of overlays for self-expression, event celebrations and brand engagement. Photofy’s solutions are designed to help brands drive employee advocacy, influencer management and consumer content creation to generate world-class brand awareness and impressions.

The Challenge

Photofy’s sales and marketing teams were spending considerable time trying to source high quality leads on a consistent basis. They had tried buying lead lists and spent countless hours scrubbing, verifying, uploading, and updating stale data. The team also utilized various marketing and sales tools in conjunction to achieve their sales goals, requiring considerable manual and dedicated support work. They wanted to find a way to help their teams work smarter & get results faster with an intuitive and powerful platform.


Photofy undertook a comprehensive competitive analysis of products in the lead gen, email, and enterprise communication space, and compiled an in-depth workflow comparison of each. Ultimately, they found that the advanced features offered in Apollo allowed them to search with extreme granularity with instant results as well as perform custom requests that normally would have taken days if not weeks to complete. Apollo replaced several previously contracted services and helped them optimize their outbound sales and marketing workflow within a few days.


Photofy was able to drastically cut down the time spent doing prospecting and outreach. By utilizing the research and immediate results provided through Apollo, Photofy was able to save 30+ hours a month per employee. This time had originally been spent obtaining email and research on potential customers by using various products asynchronously. Not only did the quality of their leads drastically improve, their conversion rates increased significantly, leading to more closed deals. Photofy now utilizes highly targeted and repeatable outreach campaigns to hit account-based sales goals, a challenge that was top of mind.

Industry Computer Software, Mobile, Photo Sharing, Brand Marketing
Founded 2014
Company Size 11-50 employees

““The Apollo platform is a vital tool for Photofy’s outbound email lead generation strategy. It has drastically decreased the amount of time our team spends on prospecting and increased our conversations with qualified prospects. Apollo does this by targeting qualified leads, automating follow up emails and providing insightful analytics so we can constantly improve our strategy. If you want to close more deals in less time, use Apollo!”

Jarrett Horne

VP Sales, Photofy

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